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We are a church for everyone.

10am gatherings are back on and we’d love you to join us. We’re doing this carefully to keep everyone safe. 

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We’re a diverse community – a wide range of ages and backgrounds – united in our desire to follow Jesus.

We serve the West Beach neighbourhood in different ways: we provide support to the community of elders, we partner with West Beach primary school in different events, we open our doors to migrating families and new arrivals looking to  connect and we have a great school holiday program and a Friday night youth program. 

We’re always looking for opportunities to serve individuals, schools, organisations, businesses and everyone where we can! 

Established in 1965, we’re an active member of Baptist Churches of SA.




Checking out the Jesus stuff

You don’t have to be a committed Christian to hang out with us. Our Sundays are for everyone. Helping people get started with God is what we’re here for. We have a table of “good reads” and bibles that you can help yourself to for free, as well as plenty of people to talk to.  Bring all your questions too, none are out of bounds.

Becoming a Christian is not rocket science. It’s a simple step in the journey of life. It is saying ‘yes’ to God’s standing offer. If that’s where you’re at, wanting to make that start or considering it, it would be our deep privilege to walk the journey with you.


Even if you think you’re far from God, he is not far from you. You don’t need to sort your life out before presenting yourself to him, or to work your way back to him. At great cost, he’s been working his way to you. So, if you have a sense that God is ‘on your case’ or ‘out to get you’ – well he is! But in a more loving way that you can imagine.

We are definitely not just a church for long-time Christian legends. We have a few of those, happily, but we’re a church of people who are “starting at the start” or “coming from a long way back” or “a long way from God”.

In the bible we see Jesus constantly welcoming and working with the non-religious and those who were stuck in life. We see God’s amazing parent-heart that longs for people to believe in him. So, we’re just taking his posture.

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