The Sunday Feast

Sunday mornings at West Beach Baptist are a rolling feast for the whole community. Come and join us! Come for the whole feast or come and go as you need. We’re a church family all through the week but Sundays are our special time to connect with one another and with Jesus at our centre.

8am Setting up – While we’re temporarily meeting at the school, there’s a fair bit of set-up to turn a basketball court into a banquet hall. But it’s fun and if practical helping is your kind of contribution, come and lend a hand!

9.30am Buffet Breakfast & Basics (No cost!) – The whole community begins to gather and it’s great to start by eating together. There’s a whole selection of the usual breakfast basics and each week someone also brings along something yummy to make it special.

10.30am Worship & Learning (No nonsense!) – We’re unashamedly passionate about worshiping God and centering our lives around his kingdom. Children and youth re-join us for gathered worship all together in a variety of forms. At about 10:30am our community goes into learning mode in age-specific groups; children and youth returning to theirs and adults as one group exploring a Bible passage or theme through a sermon (audio of recent ones are here)

11.30am Coffee & Conversation (No decaf!) – At about 11.30am the whole community regathers informally with quality coffee and refreshments to round out our time together. Kids and young-at-heart usually get some games going and eventually we pack up and head our separate ways as just that little bit closer friends with one another and with God.


The Sunday Feast is an open meeting committed to welcoming all newcomers and visitors no matter what your background. We’re just copying the many times that Jesus sat down to eat with all sorts of people great and small, opening God’s kingdom to them and building a new humanity bound together in love and grace.