PLEASE NOTE: Due to COVID-19, the Buffet breakfast has been suspended. However, the 10am gathering is being held as normal keeping in mind the social distancing restrictions and other government guidelines.


Sunday mornings start with everyone having breakfast together, then gathering for worship & reflection and finishing with coffee and conversation. You are welcome to come for the whole feast or come and go as you need.


10.00am - Worship & wisdom

We gather to worship God and to learn from the bible. Children and youth join us for worship and from about 10:30am, they have break-out groups by age groups.

9.15am - Buffet breakfast

There’s always a selection of the usual breakfast basics and each week someone also brings along something yummy to make it special.

11.00am-ish - Coffee & conversation

Having learnt a bit more about God and about ourselves, we finish with coffee to round out our time together.

This is an open gathering which welcomes everyone. We’re just copying the many times that Jesus sat down to eat with all sorts of people great and not so great, opening God’s heart to them and building a new humanity bound together in love and grace.


The church building was renovated having accessibility as one of the priorities. We keep working to make improvements. Check out our brief Accessibility Guide HERE.