A Church for All Generations


Children are very welcome at the Sunday Feast, and wonderfully, there’s usually quite a lot of them! Children at The Feast spend about 50% of the time in their own age groups and about 50% in with the whole community.

But we also run Holiday Programs in each school holidays just for kids, and they’re fantastic fun. Our children’s ministry team is led by Janet Sweeney. For more information, contact her via kids@westbeachcommunity.church or Assistant Pastor Cathy Turner via cathy@westbeachcommunity.church


The Sunday Feast is also great for youth, who also spend some of the morning in their own group and the rest in with the whole community.

Our youth group (Yr6-Yr12) also meets fortnightly on Friday nights during school term for some awesome activities, supper and short discussions about following Jesus. It’s a growing group, capably and creatively led by our team of four youth leaders. For more information contact Cathy Turner via cathy@westbeachcommunity.church

Friday Night Youth Group – Latest Program


Adults are a highly valued part of our community too. Often working hard, caring for family members and doing their best to hold it all together, we aim to to support, refresh and bless each member of the community with their own unique setting, challenges and opportunities.

The Sunday Feast is a great starting place for adults, and we’re blessed with young, middle and older adults who genuinely care for one another. For about 50% of Sunday mornings, children and youth have their own age-specific groups, which means that adults also have time to focus on what it means for us to belong to and represent Christ.

Additionally, we have several home groups that meet during the week in smaller communities which are great for deepening friendships and practicing Christian community. Some of the groups are inter-generational and others are predominantly adults. Various teams, committees and action groups are terrific opportunities for adults to grow and do life together. For more information, contact Lead Pastor Mick Barrett via mick@westbeachcommunity.church


Seniors are a special part of our church family. We’re blessed with a healthy contingent of ‘grandparents’ among us, whose wisdom, wit and experience add so much to our community. The Sunday Feast, whilst always busy with all generations on the move, will always seek to be a safe and honouring place for our older members. Quieter moments and spaces and good tea & coffee, as well as ample opportunity to mix with the younger people are all part of The Feast.

“The Lighthouse” is a drop-in ministry on school-term Friday mornings (9:30-11:30am), and whilst open to all comers of any age, is often a very friendly opportunity for a cuppa and chat among our seniors. Many of our seniors are also active in our home groups.

For more information, contact Lead Pastor Mick Barrett via mick@westbeachcommunity.church