A Church for Beginners

newbie-start-hereWe are definitely not just a church for long-time Christian legends. We have a few of those, happily, but it is incredibly important to us to be a church that helps people who are “starting at the start” or “coming from a long way back” or “a long way from God”.

We want to be a church for outsiders because we read the Bible and see Jesus constantly welcoming, blessing and working with the non-religious, the returning prodigals and those who have just become stuck in life. Across the whole Bible we see God’s amazing parent-heart that longs for people to be reconciled to him. So we’re just taking the posture that we see God taking.

Checking Out This Jesus Stuff

You don’t have to be a committed Christian to hang out with us, listen in and get a taste of God’s kingdom. Our Sunday Feast aims to speak to people across the spectrum of ages and bible knowledge, and we have a table of books and bibles that you can help yourself to for free. Helping people get started with God is what we’re here for. Bring all your questions, none are out of bounds. Our kids holidays programs and youth group are all especially shaped to be super-accessible to those who are new to church stuff.

We see ourselves as one family, where the older brothers and sisters have a special responsibility to care for the younger and brand new family members – and to show all visitors and passers-by that there’s a place in God’s family waiting for you.

Making a New Start With God

13c624503a3550cf9b427e6f5a7e6e0dThe great news is that even if you think you are far from God, he is not far from you. You don’t need to sort your life out before presenting yourself to him, or to work your way back to him. At great cost, he is working his way to you. So if you have a sense that God is ‘on your case’ or ‘out to get you’ – well he is! But in a more loving way that you can imagine. So becoming a Christian is not rocket science. It’s as simple as saying ‘yes please’ to God’s standing offer to adopt you into his family, work his transforming magic on you to fill you with love and goodness, and giving you a part to play in his grand plan of renewing the world. If that’s where you’re at, wanting to make that start or just considering it, we’re here to help, it would be our deep privilege.